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Last update: 26.05.2010

We are pleased about everyone playing on our servers. Yet it is necessary to comply with some general rules in order to keep playing on our servers as pleasant as possible.

It should be a matter of course that you don’t bother, offend or insult other players. Just show yourself at your best and have fun. However, if you don’t agree with our rules, we recommend playing on some other server. This would save us and yourself a lot of unnecessary and avoidable trouble.

Any use of cheats will result in immediate and permanent ban!

Bugusing & Glitching
Any use of bugs and glitches will lead you to TO’s main menu saying “Rejected by Server” as well.

Nicknames & Faking
Of course you are free to choose your own nickname. However, we do not tolerate any nicknames related to racism, terrorism or nicks which are offending in any way. Furthermore nicks like “Player” and “Spieler” are not wanted. If asked to change your nickname by an admin, please do so.

Racism of any kind is prohibited at our servers and will lead to a ban!

Flame & Insults
We’re all here to have fun, not to swear at each other. So do not bother, offend or insult other players. People who do not know how to behave properly will get warned, muted, kicked or banned.

Spam means a multiple repetition of words phrases or sounds and any automatically triggered status- or reloadmessage (e.g. “I am here, reloading my fuck1n’ MP5, 20hp left”). We're sick and tired of people spamming multiple lines of useless information. People on public servers want to play for fun and mostly for themselves. No one wants to see your reload binds. So turn them off while playing at our servers. People abusing the in-game chat function for spamming can and will be muted, kicked or banned. Same goes for turned on status- and reloadmessages.

Hint: With a keybinder (see downloads) you can easily set up different key settings. It shouldn’t be a problem at all to have at least one profile without those reload binds.

Lame excuses like “I can’t turn them off, it’s in my user.ini.” or “I don’t know how to turn those messages off.” will not be accepted - You managed to install them, so you'll be able to turn them off again!


If you got any questions don’t hesitate to email us. In the unlikely case you feel badly mistreated by an admin, you may write us an e-mail in an appropriate style, too.

We wish you all a lot of fun playing on our servers!

Note: We stress out explicitly that Tactical Ops is age restricted in some countries. Make sure you are of legal age.

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