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This mutator will add the following features to TO AOT 3.32:

* Tear Gas grenade for SF. Use it to root our campers instead of bitching ;).
This grenade acts alot like the smoke grenade but staying inside the smoke
will seriously hamper a players vision! While easily avoided the tear gas
has the advantage of slowly getting into every little corner, thus
forcing the enemy to move from their position.... unless they have a gasmask on ;)
* Adds a gas mask that can be bought instead of a sidearm, a good use for this is
for a timed tear gas attack by SF!
* Configurable: Revamped shotgun ranges + revamped Raging Bull price
* Configurable: New NV googles, which will keep the lightning of the map while
still working. I have to add though that these are ment and looks the best
with Dynamic lights on! Plus a Thermal Scope added. When you buy a NVG, every
scoped weapon you buy will be equiped with a Thermal scope. Go into scope mode
and press your NVG key.
* Configurable: Improved Flashbang + Stuns for explosions.
* Configurable: Reduced player speed for injuries.
* configurable: Sniper skills, added breath effect to scoped modes.
* Added underwater effects.
* Toned down the UT values causing player-glow-in-dark.
* Tested with TOST30420. Shouldn't have any problems with TOprotect.
* Configurable: Experimental dusk map mode
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Datum 06.12.2009
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